Due to the volume all enquiries must be made either by email:
In person at the Office: (Mondays - Fridays 0900-1630) 8 Spalding Road, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9LE


To assist us in identifying your property and which bus it may have been on:

1. Provide a description of the item lost.

2. Which journey you were travelling on, where you boarded and at what time.

3. Where you were sitting on the bus.


1. Drivers cannot be contacted while the vehicle is in service.

2. Once any item has reached our depot it must be collected in person as we are not permitted to send items out on vehicles.

To avoid the inconvenience or disappointment of losing your property, we recommend before you alight the bus to take a moment to check you have all your belongings with you.

Leaving your property on the bus is like leaving it in a public place and while in many instances items are handed to the driver by other passengers unfortunately this is not always the case.

Drivers periodically check vehicles during the course of a shift and additionally the cleaning staff  will also check the vehicle on its return to the depot or first thing the following morning.

Generally it will not be until the following working day that we can confirm if any item has been found.

To assist us in identifying your property please contact us and follow the steps set out below.

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